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All our Audio Books cost $US3.90.

Upon receiving payment you will be emailed a link to download the Audio Book.

Listen to this sample Audio Book, “Creative Kiwis an Amazing Journey”
BTW if the audio will not play, install music player for Google drive App (Firefox and Seamonkey). Or download to your device and listen to the audio file.

Windows, Absolute Basics for Beginners (an Audio Book)


By Bill Rosoman

See it is REAL Easy!
The biggest thing about computers, is to give it a go and to try something new.
It is very hard to destroy a computer or the software that drives it during normal use, unless you throw it out the window.
As long as you follow a few simply rules and do a bit of house keeping on your Computer you should be fine.


Listen to a sample of Windows, Absolute Basics for Beginners

I’ll Do It My Way Audio Book by Craig Lock

illdoitsmI’LL DO IT MY WAY My Story, My Life, My Dream by Craig Lock The Story of my life (a bit different to the ‘run of the mill’, I guess). Anyway, what else is there for me to do here, but write! So here goes my story, my life. My dream. Enjoy.$US3.90 to Download

Te Ao Wiremu Bill’s World (an Audio Book)

Honorary Black, Thirty years on the East Coast

Bill Rosoman Spent 29 years living and working on the East Coast of the North Island of New Zealand above Gisborne.

This is his yarn about his life there and the funny and not so funny things that happened.

Quote Unquote (an Audio Book) by Craig Lock
A collection of inspirational thoughts that inspired Craig early in his writing “career”

This is one of my first manuscripts and a rather short one at that – just like the author. I have also included a separate section on motivational quotes for all salespeople and on business in general ( see Part Two). These often helped me in my rather more formal previous commercial career. But even if you are not in business , nor in sales you might find them inspiring (or inspirational) as we journey through the game that is life. I do. … so time to get right into it / them and get “cracking” or “weaving” as my dear mother would say.

“If a man is called to be a street-sweeper,

he should sweep streets even as Michelangelo painted,


EPUB, How To Write and Publish an Ebook (an Audio Book) By Bill Rosoman
“EPUB, How To Write and Publish an Ebook”, using free software (FOSS),
Writing and publishing and ebook is quite different from a hard copy book.
This ebook gives you all the basic software and knowledge and skills to create your own epics for the modern age.

Puppy Linux Manual (an Audio Book) By Bill Rosoman
“Puppy Linux Manual”, Some great Information for the use of Puppy Linux, a Free Operating System which is great on older computers. Puppy Linux is also good for formatting and partitioning hard drives and rescuing data from crash computers.

Here There and Everywhere (an Audio Book) By Craig Lock
Craig Lock is an extensive world traveller and failed professional emigrater who has spent most of his life’s savings on airfares. He is still ‘sliding down the razor blade of life’, stuck on a deserted (other than a few brilliant rugby players) island at the bottom of the world near Antarctica, where he is ‘trying to throw a double six’ to get off and go out into the real world.